Aachi Group


Our founder, Mr. A. D. Padmasingh, grew up observing his mother diligently cooking meal after meal each day, even while taking care of every other requirement at home. This ignited a deep desire in him to ‘make life easier for women at home’. In 1995, the idea of Aachi took shape. It was the beginning of a challenging journey to procure, prepare and pack spices, masala powders and ready-to-cook food products. Aachi’s success as India’s No.1 masala brand is a testimony of our ability to deliver ‘authentic taste of tradition’ to Indian homes. Today, the popularity and reach of Aachi extends beyond cities, towns and remote villages in India and extends to over 65+ countries worldwide.


To manufacture and market food products on a sustainable basis, cater to all segments of the society at affordable prices, and increase the intrinsic value for all stakeholders with the highest corporate governance standards.


To provide the customers with the finest, high-quality products, hygienically prepared and competitively priced, live up to their expectations and develop a symbiotic relationship with suppliers.


See who guides our goodness.

Our leadership team is made of top notch professionals with established credentials.They guide us with their vision and deep understanding of people’s choices. But what makes the real difference is their eagerness and ability to build a lasting connection with Indian consumers across the length and breadth of the world – and deliver results that exceed their hopes and expectations.

A.D. Padmasingh Isaac

Founder, Chairman and Managing Director

Visionary. Exemplary  Entrepreneur. Pathbreaker.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Isaac was shaped by his childhood memories of watching his mother toiling for hours to complete various chores at home – cooking, cleaning the house and washing clothes.
This had a deep impact on him, and ignited the desire to make life easier for women in their homes. He began his entrepreneurial journey by launching “Twinkle” liquid blue in small sachets. Until then, liquid blue was something that the common man couldn’t afford. These sachets became an instant hit with the masses.

Spicing up his success

This success gave him the confidence to turn his attention towards the mundane daily routine of cooking and converting it into a happy experience. This thought motivated him to grind masalas and blend them for every dish that could be prepared. It marked the beginning of an inspiring masala journey. As he progressed, he empowered farmers and small retailers with better margins. The brand Aachi was born. The rest is history. Today, Aachi is established as a leading FMCG brand across India – with over 200+ products and 550+ SKUs sold in over 10 lakh+ retail outlets all over India. This is a direct reflection and recognition of what Mr. Isaac set out to achieve – the happiness of women at home.

Taking ‘happiness at home’ forward

Taking this vision forward, the group forayed into the non-food category. This includes personal care, hair care, laundry care and home care products. Produced with high quality benchmarks and affordable pricing, these products have quickly got acceptance in a growing number of homes across India and the world.

Ashwin Pandian

Executive Director

Progressive Thinker.
Avid Learner. Technophile.

Ashwin heads the procurement and production functions of the group with a firm belief in the power of technology and mechanization. With a deep passion for mechatronics, he has shown a keen focus on upgrading production processes with state-of-the-art technology. This has resulted in lean manufacturing – keeping product cycles with value added supply chains and distribution channels. He supports direct dealings with farmers for procurement of raw materials without any involvement of middlemen. This ensures that farmers get better prices for their products. He plays an integral role in encouraging industry–institute interface and does not miss an opportunity to share his views on entrepreneurship and management. He constantly participates in exhibitions and international forums that help him gain knowledge on specific subject matters and explore new horizons.

Abishek Abraham

Executive Director

Champion for Consumers.
Catalyst for change. Always on.

Abishek steers the functional excellence of our business. Leading a dynamic team of scientists and technicians, he ensures that each product is processed with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency. He strongly believes that ‘Consumer is King’. He is a keen observer of consumer behaviour and studies their emerging/shifting tastes and preferences. His innovative strategies are in sync with today’s consumer needs. This has helped in developing new products and expanding our product line. He also uses his learnings and experiences to guide the next generation of professionals. He also takes immense interest in guiding the youth and student community. He regularly addresses students of Business Administration and Management on issues relating to Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Jayeta Sarkar

GM - R & D

When it comes to R&D, Jayenta is a sure-footed professional. Her experience spanning 25 years with leading brands, showcases her brilliance in product development and R&D.


Srikantha CNR

GM - Quality Assurance

In terms of Quality Assurance, Srikantha is in total control. He combines his expertise and vast experience to ensure that our products tick all the quality benchmarks without any compromise.


Neetu Gursahani

Head - Brand Marketing & PR

With over 2 decades of brand-building experience, Neetu is a focused marketing professional. With her proven skills in strategy development and brand communication, she ensures that Aachi stays on top-of-the-mind.



Non vegetarian pickles

Essential with every meal.

A yummy celebration for pickle lovers! Awesome non-vegetarian pickle varieties that are simply irresistible. Get your favourite chicken pickle, fish pickle or fish thokku, and add magic to your meal.


Ready-to-eat snacks

In the mood for some snack-time treats? Grab crunchy masala corn sticks for casual munching. Or yummy ethnic snacks for guests. Or delightful biscuits for teatime.


Detergents/home cleaning products

Bye bye stains.
Hello freshness.

When your home and clothes are clean, you stay healthy. This inspires us to make detergents and home care products to keep everything around you sparkling clean and free from germs. Whether it is your clothes, living room, kitchen or toilet, you will find a Twinkle home care product that keeps it clean and healthy.


Personal Care products
Choose your freshness.

Blesso has a wide range of bath soaps and shampoos to keep your skin and hair, healthy and glowing. Each variant uses healthy ingredients that ensure long lasting freshness and fragrance. Keep yourself fresh, all day all night. With Blesso soaps and shampoos.



Win against pests effortlessly.

Be it protecting your home against mosquitoes, flies or cockroaches, Go Strong fights these pests, protecting you and your family, day and night, with a wide range of highly effective repellents.


Sanitary Napkins

Stay active with 7 times
more confidence!

Sofwear prevents leakage with 7-layer protection. Ensures better comfort with bigger wings. Instant absorption with Super Absorbent Polymer. UV treated for efficient disinfection.



Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

100% Pure Vegetarian Multi cuisine Restaurant specialising in a variety of traditional recipes and dishes which includes authentic Indian thalis, flavoursome appetizers, delicious tiffins, refreshing beverages along with an assorted range in Chinese cuisine !


Institute of Management & Entrepreneurial Dev.

AIMED (Aachi Institute of Management & Entrepreneurial Development) aims to become the best resource center for creation of effective entrepreneurs and result oriented managers by setting up multi-location facilities.


Fashion Boutique

Developed with a passion for fashion design by Shiny Ashwin, the eldest daughter-in-law in the Aachi family. Diadem offers a wide range of wedding gowns, party-wear and more for women and kids.


Cambridge – IGSCE International School

Aachi Global School is a Cambridge – IGSCE and CBSE affiliated initiative of the Aachi group. Founded by Rebekah Abishek, who believes that education is not just learning of facts, but training of the mind to think.

Bells ‘n Rings

Matrimonial Portal

Bells ‘n Rings is first of its kind matrimonial website exclusively for the christian youngsters. 


AACHI is committed to supply high quality food products to satisfy the expectations of millions of customers globally through strict adherence to Food Safety Standards. Aachi products are made under ISO and HACPT certification. Most Aachi products are packed at their own manufacturing units. To have control on Quality and Food Safety Standards, Aachi relies on the CQAT. CQAT has QA Analysis at each and every manufacturing unit. 

CQAT Members are trained on HACCP, Consumer Affairs, Legal Metrology, Packaging Technology, Six Sigma, 5S Tools, Global Food Safety Initiative (Conducted by US AID) etc. To comply with the Food Safety Management System (FSMS / ISO 22000:2005). All Incoming Raw Materials and Packaging are tested for compliance to set specifications. All Product flows are monitored on-line as part of Quality Assurance. Quality Analysts keep close vigil on Process Flow for compliance to Standard Operating Procedures and Regulatory Issues.

CQAT monitors the on-going productions to fulfill the high quality expectations of Aachi. CQAT recommends improvements in Process, Automation, Modernizing Present facilities and implementing latest testing methodologies to check Food Adulterants, Quantity inherent properties of Process Ingredients and Human Health Pathogens to the Top Management.

Vendor Audits are made to identify best suppliers of repute. Aachi CQAT bears the moral responsibility in achieving the Vision and Quality Policy of Aachi. It strives hard to protect the brand name ‘Aachi’ and secure its reputation.



“Businesses cannot be successful
when the society around them fails.”

Our business is not driven solely by profit motive. We work for the larger good of humanity. Under the guidance of our founder, Mr. Padmasingh Isaac, the group believes in giving back to society to uplift lives of the poor and needy. With every step forward, Mr. Isaac has taken care to leave a positive impact on society and empower people with meaningful initiatives. Enhancing people’s lives has been an integral part of Aachi Group’s business progression.Keeping this in mind, we have remained committed to a wide range of CSR activities.

Rural Employment Outreach

Due to nature’s uncertainty, low productivity and price instability, the agricultural sector remains under the grip of a constant income crisis. To support helpless farmers, the Aachi Group, under the guidance of Mr. Isaac, has created an efficient distribution network in rural areas. Today, this network has over 4000 distributors who are exclusive dealers of Aachi products. The members of this network are dedicated to the success of Aachi. This in turn, has proven to uplift their families with better avenues for their income generation and better education for their kids.
Further, the Aachi Group in association with Tennex Consultants, is working to develop skills of the rural youth in areas like retail and food processing. This initiative supports the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), the flagship scheme of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE).

Aachi Red Revolution

1,000 acres. 1,000 farmers. 1 crore seedlings. 

A bold vision of Mr. Isaac with the support of ‘Nallakeerai’ Jagan, a pioneer in the agricultural industry, made it possible to boost red chilli production in Tamil Nadu. We converted 1000 acres of farmland in Tiruvallur district into high yielding red chilli farms, by providing seedlings to farmers at Government subsidized rates along with continued maintenance support such as barriers, tube wells, sprinklers and agricultural machinery.
The farmers benefit from natural farming techniques to get a healthy yield. Further, they get the advantage of receiving a better market price, based on the quality of their produce.

Women Empowerment

At Aachi Group, it is a matter of immense pride that 67% of our total workforce is women. To support women from the backward strata of society, Aachi has created employment opportunities for them in roles that do not require specific professional skills. By making these women self-reliant, Aachi supports the upliftment of many poor families in villages around Chennai. These employees also benefit from schemes like Employees Insurance Scheme, Soft Loans, Daily Free Meals, Free Accommodation, Free medical Treatment, along with pick-up and drop Transport Facility.


ICI School

Mr. Isaac took over an ailing school – ICI Matriculation School in Chennai – and dedicated it to educating children of deprived families of labourers, drivers, house maids, and workers surviving on daily wages. As Correspondent of the school, Mr. Isaac has helped to make education affordable for them. The school has a record of having secured 100% pass results in the board exams – a phenomenal achievement, keeping in mind the economic background of the students.


The Aachi Educational and Research Foundation (AERF) was founded by Mr. Isaac to help people from all walks of life have access to quality education.


The Aachi Institute of Management & Entrepreneurial Development (AIMED) strives to provide employment to the student community by helping them focus on their skillsets and chart out their future prospects. AIMED encourages an institution–industry interface that allows its students to interact with eminent professionals from the business and corporate world. They share their expertise and experiences, which guide the students to gain better clarity to identify and excel in their areas of interest. Students from other institutions are also welcome to do their internship in the Aachi Group. Our companies provide opportunities to those with relevant qualifications and skillsets.

Uplifting differently-abled youth

By opening up employment opportunities for the differently-abled, we have aimed at providing financial independence and self-respect to them. In doing so, we take care to identify their skillsets that can help them be gainfully employed. Today, our team includes visually impaired and specially-abled people, efficiently contributing to the growth and success of Aachi Group.


Flora Clinic

Mr. Isaac started the Flora Clinic in Ayanambakkam – Chennai, in memory of his beloved mother who immensely inspired him to establish himself as a world-class entrepreneur. This clinic serves the sick and needy, absolutely free of charge. The local community benefits from free consultations with experienced medical practitioners. The clinic also provides medicines free of cost.

Health Camps

The Aachi Group organises free health camps for the blue collared employees in our factories. Leading medical practitioners screen our employees and provide free medicines for their common ailments.  As part of this initiative, an eye camp was organised for the employees. Based on results of the eye tests, spectacles were provided to them, free of cost.  Aachi Group’s blood donation drive was initiated by Mr. Isaac’s wife, Mrs. Thelma.  Aachi’s workforce joined wholeheartedly to support this noble cause, making it a huge success. Today, it is part of our HR policy. 

Ensuring food during floods

When floods unleashed havoc across Chennai in November 2015, Mr. Isaac and the team came forward to assuage the grief and helplessness of the poor and needy citizens. He made sure food packets were distributed to people who were homeless and hungry. Along with this, relief material that comprised of essential items for daily use were also handed out.

Aachi Green Initiative

To create awareness among employees and the neighbourhood, the Aachi Group undertook an initiative to plant around 250 saplings around Chennai. This was a small step taken to show our love for the city and respect for the environment we live in. As part of our Green Initiatives, we ensure effective waste management practices in our manufacturing processes. Our factories have a well-established effluent treatment plant that does not negatively affect the environment, and conforms to the rules laid down by the government.