Aachi’s Mantra is “AROKYA INDIA”
Good taste is the mother tongue of Aachi !
Producing healthy, nutritious and high quality food.
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India’s No.1 Most Trusted Brand
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India’s No.1 Most Attractive Brand
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India’s No.1 Masala Brand
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Asia’s Fastest Growing FMCG Brand
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Outstanding Food Industry Award
- Instituted by National Institution for Quality and Reliability.
Aachi Means Quality & Taste
Made Delicious & Easy to Cook
Enjoy the Authentic Traditional Taste of Indian Food
Quality is our Guarantee
A Unique and new way to Cook with Aachi Masalas
Purity is Our Quality
Aachi spices gives Aroma and good Taste in Food
Providing the best Quality at the best Possible Affordable Price


Aachi -The Word
‘Aachi’ is a fond reference to ‘Grand Mother’ in Chettinad Tamil. Food made by mother is always special and in good taste. If mother has a language of her own, it is the language of love and good taste. Good taste is always a favourite with the young & old. That is why the word “Aachi” is called “The Mother of Good Taste”.
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